TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook

Hospital Policies

To keep our practice operating smoothly, we have some standard practices that we ask our patients’ owners to help us abide by. If you have any questions about our policies, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Appointment Policy

We mainly operate via appointments rather than by walk-ins. Though you might occasionally be able to walk in and receive an on-the-spot examination, we highly recommend you schedule appointments in advance. That said, emergencies receive top priority. Meanwhile, some appointments can have complications that can make them last longer than anticipated. As a result, appointments running slightly behind schedule will sometimes be unavoidable.

We offer ‘drop-off’ appointments, where you can drop your pet with us for a couple of hours and then pick them up after their appointment. Generally, we ask that owners drop off pets in the morning so that our vets can see them as time permits between appointments throughout the day. You can rest assured that until their appointment and after its completion, your pet will be comfortable and receive attention and affection.

When you come to an appointment, we request that you bring any medications or prescriptions your dog has, supplements it may be taking, as well as a fecal sample for regular examinations.

Arrival Policy / Waiting Room Policy

When visiting our waiting room with your pet, we ask that you keep them leashed (dogs) or kept in a carrier (small dogs, cats, and other pets). This helps ensure the safety of staff, other owners, and their pets— who may not be comfortable around your pet due to its size, no matter how well-behaved it may be.

Payment Methods

At TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook we require full payment at the time of services rendered. For your convenience, we accept:

  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
  • Cash
  • Personal Checks
  • Financing Options

Prescription Refills

We are happy to provide you with prescription refills through our hospital, or you may have your pet’s prescriptions shipped directly to your home through our online store. For all prescription refills, we do require your pet to have been seen by one of our veterinarians.

Prescription Diets

If you are in need of a prescription diet for your pet, you may order directly through our hospital, or visit our online store to have it shipped directly to your home.

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Our animal hospital is located just 26 minutes from downtown Charlotte via I-85 N. We are by Gaston Country Club, easily accessible to the pets of Gaston County and the surrounding areas.

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