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Dogs and cats experience the world largely with their mouths. They bite, chew, grind, carry, feel, and more with their teeth. As a result, dental care is extremely important. It not only helps them feel their best, but can ensure your pet’s overall health is looked after and that no serious issues can shorten their lifespan.

Unfortunately, we tend to find that our pet patients’ teeth are slightly neglected— even with the most dedicated, caring, and attentive owners. In fact, 4 out of 5 dogs and cats have a form of dental disease by the time they turn three years old. This makes dental disease the single most common condition that a pet can experience. The good news? There are plenty of simple preventative steps you can take in partnership with your vet that will help your best friend stay happy and healthy for years to come.


Remember, your pet’s teeth aren’t just for show. They’re a vital part of their body, and problems with their teeth can lead to significant pain and, even worse, infection. These infections can then spread and lead to life-threatening issues for your pet.

Even if major infections don’t spread, pain from teeth that haven’t been properly cared for can be intense. It can cause everything from reduced appetite to less enjoyment when playing. Pain of any kind can make pets anxious and, in severe cases, aggressive. Pain in the mouth can be particularly troubling for pets.

The greatest danger to your pet is #1 pain, and #2 that bacterial infections enter your pet’s bloodstream. From here, they can spread throughout the body quickly and can cause life-threatening issues like kidney, liver, or heart disease.

At TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook we recommend preventative dental care as part of your pet’s regular examinations. You should also bring your pet in if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Very bad breath
  • Teeth that are discolored or chipped
  • Gums that are very red, swelled, or bloody
  • More drooling than is normal for your pet
  • Resistance to eating, chewing, or holding items in the mouth
  • Swallowing food whole without chewing
  • Pawing at their mouth or face, continuously opening and closing their mouth, or other behavior that suggests their mouth is causing discomfort or pain

Dental Examinations

When it comes to helping keep your pet’s dental health in top shape, there are three major steps to take, the first being a thorough dental examination.

Any time you bring your pet in for a standard examination, we’ll always give a close visual examination of their mouth, gums, and teeth. This exam can give us a great indication of your pet’s overall oral health. If we spot potential causes for concern, we can then order additional work like dental radiographs that will give us even more information.

Dental Cleanings

Based on what we find when we examine your pet’s mouth, we might recommend a Complete Oral Radiology, Examination, and Treatment ("CORE-T") dental cleaning procedure.

This will provide a deep-clean of your pet’s teeth and gums to get rid of any developing dental diseases or infections. These cleanings go beyond just brushing the teeth, which doesn’t address problems below the gumline.

Usually, dental cleanings are performed with your pet under general anesthesia. We’ll discuss with you whether general anesthesia is safe for your pet based on its health, age, and other conditions.

Dental Care at Home

The short time we spend with your pet can’t be expected to protect them from all oral and dental health problems. The most important care comes from you at home. This includes the products you use (we’ll make the best recommendations!) that can help your pet fight plaque and tartar. The good news is that many of these will seem like treats for your pet.

That said, there’s no substitute for regular brushings. The earlier you can start with brushing a new pup’s teeth, the more comfortable they’ll be with the process.

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