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About Our Hospital

Here in beautiful Gastonia, North Carolina, TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook has been providing dedicated care and attention to local pets (and their loving owners) for years. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach to medical care for your pets, combining the most up-to-date advances in veterinary medicine with long-established techniques from all over the world.

Introduction to Our Practice

At TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook, Relationships Make the Difference. We’re proud to be a part of the Gastonia community since 1979, helping our pet patients and their owners get the focused attention, medical care, and support they need to live happy and healthy lives. Forestbrook's Medical Director, Dr. Mark Epstein, is Gastonia's only Board-certified canine & feline practice specialist, additionally certified in veterinary pain management, and our hospital provides a range of needs for dogs, cats, small mammals, and other exotic pets. We bring the latest innovations and research to every appointment, whether it’s a routine examination or a major procedure.

Besides offering an advanced facility that allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of pets, health needs, and conditions, we’re also proud that team members are Fear-Free Certified, providing Low-Stress Handling, and that Forestbrook carries AAHA Accreditation (only 15% of small animal hospitals nationwide are so accredited), which help signify that our practice is world-class in ensuring that all pets are comfortable, at ease, and safe throughout their visit— and that owners receive high-touch, high-contact communication, service, and respect as well. We also offer pet boarding services.

From the best possible preventative care to ensure your healthy best friend stays that way, to the most advanced and effective methods for treating minor and major conditions, our dedicated and experienced veterinary team has long been the most trusted in the area for owners who care about their pets’ wellbeing. Our in-house laboratory and imaging capabilities allow us to perform a range of diagnostics with fast turnaround and the most accurate possible results.

We want your pet to not only live a long life with you, but a healthy, happy, and comfortable one. For senior pets, we have a range of methods for helping ensure they’re comfortable for the last years of their lives— including robust osteoarthritis and other pain management treatment plans and a variety of means for identifying issues like arthritis that are common in older pets.

Our Mission

Our hospital's mission is to improve the life quality of our patients, clients, staff, and community, through the nourishment and power of the human-animal bond:

  • By the delivery of excellent medicine, surgery, and client education;
  • By a commitment to the welfare of animals in our community;
  • By the establishment of long term relationships among team members, clients, veterinary specialists, and community members.

Thus Our Pledge to You and Your Pet: Throughout every stage of your pet’s life, we at TotalBond Forestbrook vow to provide the absolute highest level of care and compassion. Our TotalBond family understands that the strongest relationships, with both pets and people, are built on trust. We are passionate about creating and growing great relationships with every pet and “pet parent” we serve.

Want to learn more about TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook? Browse our website or contact us today. We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!

Our Practice Philosophy

Technology changes and advances, but the value of relationships – between people and with our pets – is a constant. For us, anyway, it’s all about relationships, folks.

First, there is something exceedingly special and unique about our relationships with companion animals. Our pets give us what we crave but cannot always expect from the people in our lives: a type of love, devotion, and companionship that is purely unconditional. The chord that this strikes within us is primal, deep and profound, and touches a part of our being that cannot otherwise be easily reached.

At TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals, we recognize this. It is why we know that most of you reading this consider your pet to be a family member, why you give gifts to your pet, or sign holiday cards from them. It is why you talk to your cat or dog in a silly voice, dress them up, take them out, and pamper them silly. And you know what? We love this craziness! (p.s. sshhhh! We do the same to our own pets at home.)

The special connection that people have to their pets is called the Human-Animal Bond. Frankly, lots of practices may use this as a buzz-phrase. But at our hospitals, we live and breathe the Bond. We understand it, we revel in it, and we train vigorously in its applications and integrating it into our systems and our very way of being. In fact, it provides an underpinning to our practice, where we not only acknowledge but also celebrate with you the special relationship that exists with your pets.

What does this mean for you? It means consultation appointments that run longer than the national average. It means carefully involving you in the health care decisions of your pet. It means we will not only meet the needs of the friend and companion that you have entrusted to our care: it means that we will also be there for you, meeting your needs no matter how varied. We will meet them in good times and, if necessary, in times not so good. We want you to feel like you can depend on us to be there for you and understand how you feel, whether in a time of health and joy or in a time of illness and worry.

This, then, describes our relationship with you. And the relationship we’ll establish with your furry (or scaly or winged) family members. We’ll laugh together when we can, be serious when we have to, and above all, strive to transcend the usual veterinary practice-pet-client experience into something unique and special.

Because for us, it’s all about relationships. And that makes all the difference.

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Our animal hospital is located just 26 minutes from downtown Charlotte via I-85 N. We are by Gaston Country Club, easily accessible to the pets of Gaston County and the surrounding areas.

Phone: 704-867-8318

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